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In the spaces of the Social Vinegar Attic, we find a small ‘tasting’ room where, by booking a guided tour, it is possible to taste various Balsamic Vinegars.

Tasting is a genuine ritual offered to museum visitors who book a guided tour. The tasting must be carried out calmly, in silence, in a comfortable environment, at the right time and with the right tools.

First the visual examination, in which a flask – or small glass – of pure, transparent glass and a candle are used to appreciate and assess the density, colour and clarity of the Balsamic Vinegar sample.

A gentle rotation then brings the liquid up to the neck of the container, so that all the aromas reach the nostrils and release the four properties assessed in the olfactory examination. The actual tasting, the taste test, must be performed with the appropriate instrument: a porcelain or silver spoon.

Esperienze nel museo
Esperienze nel museo

Training Courses

Every year, a training course on Traditional Balsamic Vinegar is held, structured in ten theoretical lessons and four practical tasting lessons. The course ends with the presentation of a ‘thesis’ on product-related topics and the awarding of a diploma.

Those interested in taking part in the above training course, which is normally held from February to April, are advised to submit a written request in good time to the Consorteria headquarters, specifying their name and surname, address, telephone number and email address.

Schools and Universities

In order to bring the values of the Consorteria and culture closer to our traditions, it is right to start with young people through joint projects.

For primary and secondary schools through museum visits and physically active projects that let children understand the preparation of vinegar while having fun.

For university students, on the other hand, a more professional and enterprising path is provided, with the addition of a brief tasting session.

Esperienze nel museo